Caddie - landing page audit

Company Name: Caddie

Industry: Productivity

Product: New tab

Business Model: SaaS

Customer: B2C

Date Reviewed: 24 Jul 2023

Link: Caddie

Caddie landing page screenshot 0

5-second usability test

Caddie scores well in the 5-second usability test. I remembered the key facts of the website.

What product does this website offer?

  • A new tab tool similar to momentum

What is unique about the service?

  • Branding caught my attention

Above the fold

Caddie section: above the fold


"Your new tab, Reimagined."

  • It clearly describes what the product does. However, I'm biased. Some users might be confused - "whats a tab", but the subheadline is there to clarify.
  • The gradient colour on Reimagined is good. It stands out. My eye is constantly drawn to it.


"Replace your boring new tab page with Caddie's wide collection of dashboards, designed to supercharge your workflow and increase your productivity."

  • A good subheadline clearly explains the product, removing any potential uncertainty the headline might have caused.
  • The word "boring" indicates a more relaxed, funny tone. This is the language that might resonate with me as a potential user.

Call to action


  • Clear call to action. The Firefox coming soon CTA could be moved further down the page. In addition, you can determine the browser type and only show the relevant CTA.

Hero image

  • It appears to be an intentional design decision to have the images half visible. I don't understand the benefits of this. One of the main value propositions for a new tab app is the visually appealing dashboard. Having them half visible seems counter-intuitive. That said, it creates a striking artistic style that draws me in.

Section: Social proof

Caddie section: social proof
  • Excellent section. Logos from some of the biggest companies on the planet adds some credibility to the site.

Section: Productivity

Caddie section: productivity
  • Excellent section, great section header “say good to default, hello to Caddie”. Clear, concise communication when describing the product features. The half-visible image feels okay here as I can see more of the dashboard as the font is small.
  • Nice use of playful language - “say goodbye to default”.
  • I would consider adding a call to action here. Personally, I was ready to convert/view pricing after this section.

Section: Relaxation

Caddie section: relaxation
  • This section is great, but could be improved by switching to more benefits-focused language. The previous one worked great as a feature-focused section, so this section can focus more on the benefits.
  • Stepping into the mind of a potential user is helpful here. As a user of a similar tool, I enjoy the peace/stillness that a dashboard with a beautiful image provides. Language targeting this would be more impactful. “Life moves at 100mph. It can get overwhelming at times. We get that. So we’ve created relaxation dashboards. Your own little zen space to go to when you need a break”.

Section: Motivation

Caddie section: motivation
  • The half-visible image is a missed opportunity here. A powerful inspirational quote that sticks would work well here. Also, the quote is crucial in this section, so make the text bright on a dark/neutral background.

Section: And more

Caddie section: and more
  • Another solid section. I would remove the Firefox call to action, as mentioned before. Also, I would decrease the title/video so that the whole section is visible at once.

Section: Social proof 2

Caddie section: social proof 2
  • Perfect section!

Section: Pricing

Caddie section: pricing
  • The subheader could be improved by switching to more benefits-focused language. Let me know how my life will be improved by subscribing to your product.
  • I would clarify the pricing model. I don’t think you will have many objections over the low price, so I can’t see why you wouldn’t have 2 prices as we’ve become accustomed to seeing. Monthly pricing, with the annual price discounted next to it.

Section: Final CTA

Caddie section: final CTA
  • It’s a bit text heavy. I noticed myself rolling my eyes when I got here. I don’t want to read anymore. I understand the value of the product already.


Excellent landing page; very impressed. There are minimal changes I would make without having access to some data. It would be interesting to see how the page is currently converting.

I can only advise doing small A/B tests on different sections and constantly getting feedback from your users. Ask satisfaction questions, interview the people churning out your product, etc. Then, use these insights to improve your landing page.

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