Kngslytech landing page audit

Company Name: Kngslytech

Industry: Education

Product: Coding course

Business Model: SaaS

Customer: B2C

Date Reviewed: 18 Jul 2023

Link: Kngslytech

Kngslytech landing page screenshot 0

Above the fold

KngsleyTech section: above the fold

Navigation Header

Looks a bit sparse/unfinished. Could do with a border/box-shadow or something to separate it from the body of the page.


The headline could work if Kngslytech had brand recognition. Without any weight being the brand, the statement doesn’t appeal to users.


The subheadline is on the long side, I would reduce the amount of text to something under ~150 characters. Subheadlines should be punchy and follow on from the statement made in the headline.

Hero image/video

There’s a typo with the video headline “Turn code in money” rather than “Turn code into money”. Also, “new private courses” is an odd way of describing a course. I think the voiceover for the video is a little monotone, if doesn’t inspire me to embark on my coding journey.

Above the fold - Redesigned

KnglesTech section: above the fold - redesigned


Direct engaging language that attempts explains what the product is. There is still room for improvement here, as the headline without the sub title doesn’t explain the product.


Users want to know why they should use your product over another product. So the subheadline tries to address this.

The header on it’s own is unclear what the product is exactly so the subheadline needs to further explain what the product is.

Hero video

Repositioned to the right hand side so all the important information is above the fold - headline, subheadline and video.


It appears as of now you cannot sign up as the courses are in progress, so “Join waitlist” is more appropriate. Included in the header as well, to increase the number of “exit-points” users have on the page. Could also make the header sticky so that an exit point is always available.

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