Letternerd - landing page audit

Company Name: Letternerd

Industry: Writing

Product: AI generated letters

Business Model: SaaS

Customer: B2C

Date Reviewed: 23 Jul 2023

Link: Letternerd

Letternerd landing page screenshot 0

5-second usability test

Letternerd scores well in the 5-second usability test. I remembered the key facts of the website.

What service does this website offer?

  • A service that creates various letters

What is unique about the service?

  • Has templates for several different letter types

Above the fold

Letternerd above the fold

Navigation Header

Looks great! The font family is a little hard to read. The backwards R annoys me as an English native speaker - I imagine this is very frustrating for users who aren't native English speakers.


"Craft perfect letters for every occasions"

The headline is okay. I know the product will help me create letters, but it's unclear how. Also, a typo needs correcting "Occasions" → "Occasion".


"Transform Simple Messages into Meaningful and Heartfelt Connections"

The subheadline doesn't help to clarify the headline. I still don't know exactly how the product works. Are the messages AI prompts? What input is required from me to create letters?

Call to action

"Create Letter"

Unfortunately, Letternerd has committed the cardinal sin of landing page design. The call to action is below the fold. The CTA could be improved by making it more personal to potential users, "Create your letter".

Section: Letter Samples

Letternerd letter samples

This section needs improving. When hovering over a sample letter, the animation is random and adds no value. Generally, it's recommended to have subtle or no animations, then over-the-top/random animations.

The samples are difficult to read. The fonts of the samples combined with the small size is a bad combination. Giving each letter a title, such as "sample anniversary letter", might help describe the samples.

Section: Effortless Communication, Endless Possibilities

Letternerd Section: Effortless Communication, Endless Possibilities

This section could be improved by cleaning up the designs. There is too much whitespace between the headline and subheadline and the sliding options of features.

The image for each feature is unrelated to the feature. It looks like a placeholder image.

Section: FAQ

Letternerd section: FAQ

This section is excellent at handling any objections that users might have and describing the product further.


I liked the page overall but there are a few more improvements I would make.

I would state how fast it is to create a letter, i.e. "Create a letter in under 5 minutes". I would also focus on the benefits you're offering. What is the product doing, saving me time? Helping me save money? Improve relationships? Figure out what the purpose of the product is and use more targeted language.

After the FAQ, I would add a final call to action section at the end of the page. The user needs multiple "exit points" on the page.

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